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Studio classes are offered weekly and tuition is paid monthly. We offer a variety of dance techniques including:

Ballet: Dancers will train in the Russian style of Ballet. Ballet is a technique that is light, graceful, and use fluid movements.

Modern: Dancers will train in the Horton style Technique. Modern dance is a fluid movement that utilizes the floor. It’s a free, expressive style of dancing.

Jazz: Dancers will train in American Jazz dance. Jazz dance steps are elements of African dance, American modern dance, European ballet and other dance styles come together to form a style that is determined by the rhythm of the music.

Tap Dance: Dancers will train in the traditional Tap technique.

HipHop: Dancers will train in the urban roots of Hip-Hop. It’s a range of street dance styles primarily performed to Hip-Hop music

African: Dancers will train in authentic styles of African dance. It involves rhythmic body movements usually dance to African drums or drum music

Majorette Dance: Requires high energy of the high-step marching style of black college bands with West African, jazz, modern and hip-hop choreograph.